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Tanks & Bunds

Case Study - Tanks & Bunds

(B.P Australia Limited, Australia)

Excessive pitting corrosion around the base and valves of diesoleum storage tanks G-16 and G-18 required urgent repair. 

Following a detailed survey, a system comprising one full coat of Corroguard EP followed by a coat of Corroless RF25 and a final coat of Corroless RF20 (B.P Green) was applied to the annular rings.

Prior to this application, a pre-treatment of Corroless MDP was applied to combat crevice corrosion in inaccessible areas and severe pitting was patch primed using Corroguard EP. 

Ball valves were also protected with Corroless S Corroless SHB and Corroless RF15 (Silver). 

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