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Marine Industry

Case Study - Marine Industry 

(Port of Singapore Authority - PSA)

The Port of Singapore Authority have, for many years, experienced corrosion problems and severe pitting on the numerous navigational light buoys and beacons deployed around the port and harbor areas. Conventional paint systems comprising a red lead primer followed by alkyd enamel topcoats were normally used to pain these buoys.

However, after a successful trial application carried our in 1990 on one of the marine buoys using corroguard EP on the entire area with a additional topcoat for the above water area the performance proved to be effective after only two years. The Port of Singapore Authority have therefore decided to specify the corroless system for six units of new navigational light buoys. 

The entire steel surface was abrasive blasted to Sa2.5 and immediately applied with a coat of Corroguard EP. The area above the waterline received a coat of Corroless RF30 followed by a coat of Corroless RF60 in either green or signal red. 

Case Study - Marine

(PT . Krakatau Bandar Samedera - Cilegon Banten Jetty, Indonesia)

Client                     : PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudera

Location                : Cilegon Banten

Project                  : Pilot Project Jetty

Completion Date  : July 2014

Product Applied   : Corroless EPF Black


Case Study - Marine

(PT. Bandar Bakau Jaya, Indonesia)

Client                     : PT. Bandar Bakau Jaya

Location                : Lampung, Indonesia

Project                  : Bakauheni Jetty

Completion Date  : July 2014

Product Applied   : Corroless EPF Black


Case Study - Marine Industry 

(M.V Kassandra : LPG Carrier)

Ammonia discharging pipes carrying liquid at a temperature of -32 degree celcius were suffering sever corrosion after only 5 months despite being treated with a five coat conventional paint system. 

Following manual preparation to ST2 as per the swedishg standard, and rinsing with clean, fresh water, one full coat of Corroguard EP was applied. 

Five months later, this application was reviewed and no re-rusting had occured. As a result of this successful treatment, further applications of corroguard EP and other Corroless materials have been made on the Kassandra. 

Vessel Details:

Name: M.V Kassandra

Type: Liquid Propane Gas Carrier

Build: 1968

GRT: 1597

Owner: Prodromod Lines

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