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Over 50 years of proven track record in corrosion control

Corroless Rust Stablising Primer

Our Technology

Corroless Rust Stablising Primers are a range of coatings which can be applied directly onto clean, firmly adherent rust, providing long term protection against further corrosion.

All Corroless primers incorporate an active pigment which is unique in its ability to stabilise rust. The primers, therefore, utilise the rust present to form a protective layer which is firmly bonded to the substrate, eliminating the need for expensive blast cleaning. Additionally, as Corroless primers can easily be applied onto flash rusting, the timing and method of blast cleaning can be greatly simplified, where this is the preferred method of preparation.

The range of Corroless Rust Stabilisers enables their use in a wide variety of environments, and when used together with Corroless Reinforced Finishes will provide cost effective long term anti-corrosion protection.

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