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Case Study - Offshore Industry 

(Sedco Forex Schlumberger - Jack Up Rig)

The Shale Shakers which separate rocks and stones from drilling mud on an offshore installation are subjected to severe corrosion and erosion. Sedco asked Unitor Dubai to provide a tough anti-corrosion system for the equipment on "trident III", a jack up rig operating in the Gulf. 

Surface preparations was carried our by a needle gunning, scraping (St2) and fresh water washing. All corners, welds, bolts and areas difficult to access with first stripe coated with Corroguard EP, before a full coat of the same product was applied at 200 DFT. 

In order to achieve a tough, durable and presentable finish, Corroless RF35S was applied to 160 DFT and a final cosmetic coat in the house color applied to complete the application. 

Case Study - Onshore Industry

(PT/ Chevron - Duri Riau Indonesia)

Client                     : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Location                : DURI RIAU INDONESIA

Project                  : Pipe Line Gas along Minas Field

Completion Date  : December 2014

Product Applied   : Corroless EPF Buff

                                Corroless RF 61

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