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We offer customers a wide and extensive range of protective and corrosion resistant coatings to choose from, in order to meet the exacting demands for the all industries, as well as industrial, floors, containers & architectural buildings.

1.    Anti-Bacterial Coating and Flooring

2.    Anti-Carbonation System

3.    Chemical / Corrosion Resistant Lining

4.    Cold Galvanizing

5.    Conductive / Electrostatic Discharge Coating

6.    Construction Repair and Grout

7.    Fluorocarbon, Silane, Silicate and Silicon

8.    Glass Flake Coating

9.    High Temperature Coating

10. Portable Water Tank Lining

11. Roof Coating

12. Sports Floor Coating

13. Underwater and Wet Surface Epoxy Coating

14. Resin Flooring and more 

Your One Stop Corrosion Solutions Provider.

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