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Over 50 years of proven track record in corrosion control

Corroless Reinforced Finishes

Our Technology

Corroless Reinforced Finishes provides the ultimate in anti-corrosion protection through the addition of millions of heat hardened borosilicate glass flakes. 

Unlike conventional glass flake which distributes randomly throughout a coating, Corroless glass flake reinforcement is treated using a patented process, to enable it to migrate to the surface of the coating and self laminate to form a virtually impermeable layer of glass. Corroless Reinforced Finishes tough barrier of glass results in a coating with greatly increased resistance to moisture, weathering, abrasion and chemicals. 

Corroless glass flake has been incorporated into a comprehensive selection of resin bases to provide first class protection in a variety of environments. Corroless Reinforced Finishes are easy to apply and will provide cost effective long term protection against corrosion. 

When used with Corroless Rust Stabilising Primers, a complete system can be tailor made to meet the individual requirements of a wide range of applications.

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