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Your One Stop Corrosion Solutions Provider.

We offer customers a wide and extensive range of protective and corrosion resistant coatings to choose from, in order to meet the exacting demands for the all industries, as well as industrial, floors, containers & architectural buildings.


NK Flake FR Series

NK Flake “FR series” are reinforced with FRP lining over the applied NK Flake. These FRP-reinforced systems are designed to provide long-term service under seve re conditions of chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures. They also enhance toughness properties against deformation of structures, fatigue, fracture, and thermal stresses.

NK Flake 200 Series N242B (#242)

K Flake 200 Series N242B (#242) have extensive track records as an anti-corrosion coating material for petroleum product tanks. Complying with quality standards laid down in the Fire and Disaster Management Agency’s Guidelines on Coating Materials, it has undergone verificatory review by the Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association (KHK in Japan).

Concrete Protection

NK Flake N242-B, C & D

The NK Flake N242B-B, C and D are long-term durable systems for preventing corrosion on concrete structures. They comply with the Anti-corrosion Specifications for Sewage, Wastewater Treatment and Similar Facilities issued by JS (Japan Sewage Works Agency) or JARUS (The Japan Association of Rural Resource Recycling Solutions), and meet the quality standards therein. 

Sewage treatment facilities made of concrete are liable to corrosion by hydrogen sulphide, which are produced by bacteria. The NK Flake is a vinylester system that offers superior resistance to acids, alkalis and chemical solutions as well as excellent toughness properties, providing high reliability and long-term proven performance.

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