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 VCI SMP technology passivates the metal's surface as well as deactivates the humidity surrounding the metal components. They have sufficient  vapour pressure to evaporate and travel to mix with with the humidity and essentially reach the surface of the metal. 20% of the VCI Chemical reacts within 6 hours and balance in 5-15 years.

- Physical hydrophobic molecular barrier deposited on surface

- Vapour phase deactivation of moisture

- Passivation of electron flow between anode and cathode

- Regulation of pH

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is chemical action which causes destruction of the surface of a material by oxidation or chemical combination. Corrosion Engineering has become an important area of expertise in Engineering Industry. There are several ways of combating corrosion of which most contemporary, cost effective and advanced, clean and with least environmental and health hazards is the usage of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors also known as VCI Technology.

Causes of Corrosion

Container Rain

Changes in temperature during the sail causes sudden evaporation and condensation called as Container Rain.Acidic sea humidity causes reaction with metal at much faster rate than components lying in factory floor.Corrosion Engineering makes it possible to decide, use and implement a complete system to counteract the adverse sea conditions.

Plastic are H20 Permeable

LDPE, HDPE etc have porosity of water to the extent of 4 gms/sqm/24 hours.

To make this full proof chemicals need to be present inside the packaging to continuously react with moisture and neutralize it to inhibit breathing of packaging.

Humidity in Boxes

Starch present in boxes is hygroscopic. It absorbs moisture present in atmosphere to  a tune of 15-60% of the weight of corrugation. Under ambient conditions the moisture levels absorbed in corrugation are always more than 15%.Once the temperature in the container rises, the mositure is released to surrounding metal (being cooler).

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